About Betaliq

Betaliq, Inc. is a collaboration between Novaliq, GMBH, and BLP Management Group, LLC.


Betaliq was formed to develop ophthalmic beta blockers using Novaliq’s patented EyeSol® non-water formulation technology.


EyeSol® is the first and only water-free eye drop technology for ophthalmology products. The EyeSol® technology offers important advantages over traditional eye drops, including a drop size approximately ¼ of the size of water-based drops. This smaller drop size has the potential to result in less systemic absorption. Other advantages of EyeSol® include longer residence time on the eye, better penetration, and no need for toxic preservatives.


Betaliq is developing two beta blockers, for the treatment of glaucoma. BTQ 1901 is an EyeSol based formulation of a potent selective beta blocker that has not previously been used to treat glaucoma. BTQ 1902 is an EyeSol based formulation of timolol, the most commonly prescribed beta blocker.


Beta blockers are one of the most commonly prescribed classes of medicines to treat glaucoma. Beta blockers reduce Intraocular Pressure (IOP) by blockade of sympathetic nerve endings in the ciliary epithelium causing a fall in aqueous humour production. Beta blockers are often prescribed in combination with other glaucoma medications.


Betaliq, Inc. is incorporated in Delaware and based in Tampa Florida.